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Understanding the world of sand and water

Van der Schrieck gives an in-depth analysis of the process of dredging

The former head of research of one of the leading Dutch dredging institutes has written down his knowledge and experience in the field. Below you find Book 1, 2 and 3. Book 1 is the main book, Book 2 and 3 are additions to Book 1. Seperate Chapters of Book 1 are also available.

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This is the over 400 pages main book 1 of the series of books on Dredging Technology. The book is based

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This book is nr 2 of a series on Dredging Technology. As a Reference Guide the book contains the basic theories and formula's that

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This is the 2021 issue of the bundle that contains a number of questions from students during their study

Some chapters of Book 1 are also separately available, click below for more information

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